Poseidon Blue I

Axis Color:

Poseidon Blue I Hand Fan

Blue Fabric | Brown Leather

Poseidon, one of our Premium Hand Fans. Poseidon, is the god of the seas and earthquakes. Son of Cronos and Rea, brother of Zeus. Poseidon had the ability to create new islands and keep the seas calm or on the contrary cause chaotic springs, earthquakes, sinkings and shipwrecks. He was depicted by a trident, a horse or a dolphin.

The principle color in the cloth is blue like the seas, splashed with bright colors imitating the marine corals. This blue color is called Ultramarine, a pigment that came from a precious and sacred stone, the lapis lazuli. Its called ultramarine because that is exactly from where the lapis lazuli came from, "beyond the seas". Beyond the Indian Ocean, the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. One of the most expensive colors in the past. Only the nobility could afford to use it in their paintings. The icons inside the cloth are tridents, horses, dolphins, waves, corals, ships, rudders, pantheons, helmets and shields, all related to Poseidon.

One of the first designs. We find it very elegant and very striking. Impossible not to impact those around you.

Limited Editions of 100 units | Numbered Hand Fans | Made in Spain | Handcrafted | Genuine Leather | Patented Axis (almost unbreakable) | Cotton Fabric | Sipo Wood Size: see last image | We clarify that the Axis is not Gold or Silver

Every 3 hand fans sold we plant 1 tree. All trees are planted in Spain.

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We accept returns for hand fans with no name or messages engraved.
We don´t accept returns for hand fans with names or messages engraved. 
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Quality and details are our obsession

Our hand fans are made of Sipo wood, extracted from forests with FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council)

We line and sew all the guards of our hand fans with real. We are probably the first company to do it

All our designs are completely unique in the world. Made by us. The designs have taken us months of work. We wanted our own patterns, something completely new and exclusive. 

We hire different artisans from all kind of sectors to produce our hand fans. It took us many months to find them

All our hand fans and its packaging are made and assembled in Spain. We support artisans and small factories

We plant 1 tree every 3 hand fans sold. All trees are planted in Spain

We offer the possibility to customize each hand fan with a name or message over the leather. Done with a CO2 laser. Best for gifts

For more information please contact us at cool@brokinez.com or kindly fill in this Form

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