Chaos Pink

Axis Color:

Chaos Pink Hand Fan

Pink Fabric | Black Leather

One of our Hand Fans of the Chaos category. Chaos was the void state preceding the creation of the universe in the Greek Mythology, a gap of time where nothing existed, an infinite emptiness until the apparition of gods and elements. People imagines Chaos as a dark era but we don't. We imagine it full of color.

Pink, the small red, the forgotten male color. At present pink is a girlish color but formerly was a male color until 1920. In the old paintings baby boys were painted in pink instead of light blue. Child Jesus was always painted with pink clothes while Virgin Mary dressed in light blue. Pink was considered the small red and red was used by the high class, kings and nobles. It was believed that red gave strength and power and that is why the heirs of the upper classes were dressed in pink. But from 1920 pink became fashionable for girls because it was already possible to produce dyes resistant to boiling water, and secondly because after the First World War red disappeared from military uniforms and men's civilian fashion, so the small red had no sense for boys. 

Limited Editions of 100 units | Numbered Hand Fans | Made in Spain | Handcrafted | Genuine Leather | Patented Axis (almost unbreakable) | Cotton Fabric | Sipo Wood Size: see last image | We clarify that the Axis is not Gold or Silver

Every 3 hand fans sold we plant 1 tree. All trees are planted in Spain.

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 Spain 1-3 Working Days
 Europe  3-5 Working Days
 Rest of the World  5-15 Working Days
Pre-Orders: we hope to produce products soonest possible but we can't guarantee an estimated period of time
We accept returns for hand fans with no name or messages engraved.
We don´t accept returns for hand fans with names or messages engraved. 
For more information please read the Shipping & Returns Policy
Quality and details are our obsession

Our hand fans are made of Sipo wood, extracted from forests with FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council)

We line and sew all the guards of our hand fans with real. We are probably the first company to do it

All our designs are completely unique in the world. Made by us. The designs have taken us months of work. We wanted our own patterns, something completely new and exclusive. 

We hire different artisans from all kind of sectors to produce our hand fans. It took us many months to find them

All our hand fans and its packaging are made and assembled in Spain. We support artisans and small factories

We plant 1 tree every 3 hand fans sold. All trees are planted in Spain

We offer the possibility to customize each hand fan with a name or message over the leather. Done with a CO2 laser. Best for gifts

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