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First you should know

Hand Fans have existed for thousands of years across the world and historically were related to royalty, power and wealth. It was the air conditioning of the past but at the same time they were authentic artworks. The best painters used hand fans as canvas for their art, artisans used precious metals and gemstones to embellish them. This instrument is still present all around the world but its use has disappeared among years because we developed new A/C inventions, unfortunately increasing contamination. But hand fans, besides being a green power, are fascinating for several reasons:

  • Historical: hand fans were used all around the world in different territories without any connection and were an essential accessory. Normally people always took it to important events, celebrations and festivities. It was a symbol of the owner's status, like among the samurais. 
  • Practical: the easiest wind instrument able to drain carrier's heat in a few minutes. It has a very simple handling and we all learn to use since we are kids
  • Simple but complicate: apparently looks easy to manufacture but the reality is that is very complex. Many different steps and hands are needed to produce just one hand fan. Our hand fans are even more complex because of the insertion of leather.
  • Eye-catching: hand fan could be one of the most eye-catching accessories for its colours, shapes and also for its movement
  • Artworks: this particular cooling tools at the same time were real artworks in the past. It was a usual gift between emperors, kings and nobles as a sign of respect and recognition
  • Cheerful: hand fans are a symbol of joy. We use hand fans when the weather or our internal heat is over normal conditions. This means during summer and celebrations, events or parties, when usually our bodies are more active, when our hearts beats stronger and our blood runs faster.
  • Hidden language: among the years the society developed a secret language to flirt and seduce others. We could say it was the Tinder of that time but without losing social contact.
  • Green power: hand fans were the cooling system of the past, a non-polluting power that should be used more today to fight the climate change.

Designed By Brokinez®

Having above in consideration we began to look in detail this incredible accessory and realized its potential. Somebody had to re-invente this device, had to create renew its use adapted to the 21st century without losing its essence. Today we can consider Brokinez the company that has revolutionized hand fans keeping an inexorable elegance. What's our secret?

  • Keep wood as the principle element (avoiding plastic completely)
  • Incorporate genuine leather and a sewing touch to enhance its sophistication and elegance
  • Invent and patent a new Axis, almost indestructible, that guarantees the durability of the hand fan
  • Contact the best artisans of each different element: wood, leather and metal
  • Produce everything in Spain. Hand fans and packaging. Spain is famous all around the world for the high qualified artisans in the textile industry and we took advantage of it. But it was not enough for us so we decided to produce everything in Spain: product and packaging
  • Design new and exclusive cloth patterns, never seen before in the textile industry. We wanted to be different, impact the market, have a meaning and always elegant. So we created a new line of patterns never seen before based on the era hand fans were invented: the era were gods, elements and chaos gave meaning to the inexplicable
  • Create and incorporate a packaging fully in line to the elegance and status of our hand fans

Enjoy life

We are hotter when we are in love, when we kiss, when we dance, when we laugh, when we eat, when we are with friends, when we celebrate, when we party, etc. Our hearts start beating harder, our blood runs faster and this make our temperature go up easily. Some people don't feel this changes but the ones we do, we know it well. Not everybody is ready to enjoy life to the fullest but our intention is to spread this vitality among the people!

Give life

Nowadays every company should be required to contribute to the survival of planet. We plant 1 tree every 3 hand fans sold. All trees are planted in Spain in deforested and/or burned areas

Tree trunk bottom to top. We plant tress

Brokinez Hand Fans