All of shipments are free of cost with no minimum amount clause.

Shipping costs outside the peninsula of Spain may include customs costs which may be incurred at destination, just like the IGIC/IPSI. These expenses shall be borne by the Customer and must be paid upon receipt of the order.


Deliveries will be made around 3-7 working days for Spain, 10 for Europe and 30 for the rest of the world. 

The shipping time for each region can be found in the following table. Please note that all shipping times are approximate.

Spain 3-7 working days
Europe 10 working days
Rest of the World 30 working days



Delivery is considered completed once the product has been made available to the Customer by the carrier, and the recipient has signed the delivery receipt. It is the recipient's responsibility to verify the products upon delivery and to indicate any possible issues or complaints they may have. If, at the time of delivery, it is visibly noticeable that the order has been damaged during transportation, without having to remove the shipping or product packaging, or if, in the same way, a defect is noticed in the received product, the Customer must indicate this on the delivery note and communicate it to BROKINEZ via email to or filling this form. In order to be able to request a refund or exchange for the affected product(s), you must notify BROKINEZ of any damage or defect within 24 hours of receiving your order.

Customers will be able to return any product to BROKINEZ, without any cost, that is defective or that does not comply with the description made during a period of sixty (60) days from the date in which the product was received. Taking into account the nature of the products purchased, the customer will have a period of thirty (30) days from the date of knowledge of the product defect to communicate it to BROKINEZ through the CONTACT channel set up for this purpose, indicating the defective product or products, attaching photographs and other evidence showing the defects of the products, as well as a detailed list of the defects found, the purchase order and any other additional documentation that identifies the purchase made by the customer.

Once BROKINEZ has received communication from the customer and has analyzed the issue through its Quality Department, we will notify you as soon as possible whether or not the product can be returned, objectively addressing the nature of the product or the nature of the alleged defect. If the return is deemed necessary, BROKINEZ will notify the customer on how to send the defective product to their warehouses. The address is as follows: calle Núñez de Balboa 120, Bajo, 28006, Madrid, Spain.

However, BROKINEZ will not, in any case, be responsible for products that are returned without having been processed by the customer following the procedure detailed above.

Each product to be returned must be unused or, if the defect is found after normal daily use, in the best possible condition, and must be returned together with all its labels, packaging and -where appropriate-, documentation and original accessory items that came with it. If this is not carried out correctly by the customer, BROKINEZ and, in particular, its Quality Department, will have to objectively evaluate the issue determining if the product is defective taking into account its nature and the nature of the supposed defect.

BROKINEZ advises the customer that, due to the features of the products, general repairs cannot be carried out because it would be considered unreasonable. In the event that the features of the specific product and its defect is possible to repair, the customer will be informed of this circumstance as soon as possible, giving them the possibility of choosing between replacement or repair.

In line with the above stated, the customer may replace the defective product with another of identical features, not involving any additional cost to replace the product. If it is not possible to replace the defective product with another of identical features, you will be offered the possibility of choosing a new similar model.

The delivery of the product of identical features or of the new model that the customer has chosen, according to correspondence, will be carried out within three (3) to seven (7) business days from the date in which BROKINEZ will confirm to the customer the replacement of the defective product or the shipment of the new model.

In the event that the repair of the product could not be carried out and the replacement of the product was not in accordance with the contract, the customer may choose to terminate the contract. BROKINEZ advises customers that the processing period of the refund of the amounts paid will depend on the method of payment that the customer would have used when purchasing the product:

  • If the customer has made payment by credit/debit card, BROKINEZ will refund the amount paid within fourteen (14) calendar days after the customer has decided to terminate the contract.
  • If the customer has made payment via PayPal, BROKINEZ will refund the amount paid within twenty-four (24)-forty-eight (48) business hours after the customer has decided to terminate the contract.